Music Recommendation – Single – Cher Lloyd ft. Ne-Yo, “It’s All Good”

cher-lloydOne of the most frustrating first-world problems is not being able to find a download for a song you like. It’s All Good is unreachable and there is no real discography for it, mostly because it was a promotional song. Sadly, that makes this song being enjoyable quite bittersweet.

The duet puts a bit of RnB into a soft Pop track. The vocals are smooth and flow well with a slightly annoying beat (damn snare). The collaboration starts with Ne-Yo’s turn and transitions into a duet on the hook. Cher Lloyd’s stanza sounds melodious as well, and the two artists make excellent singing partners.

The song is a bit slow-paced and much different from what I have heard from Cher Lloyd (whose music I have never been keenly fond of), but the long notes on the chorus are gentle yet catchy. The song is definitely professional enough to have been on an album. Or on iTunes.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


The beat’s snare drum just pings in my ears too much. Otherwise, this song could be considered an amazing duet. You can hear the song below:

-Austin Heath