Music Recommendation – Single – Che-Val, Don’t Give Up On Me

che-valOne of my first posts was about music couple Che-Val, who released the song My Beat that caught my attention. These two happened to be immensely kind to me when I began this venture and I still highly appreciate that months later. I knew a song by these two was on its way this month, so I stood-by waiting eagerly. I can say this song definitely was worth the wait.

Before I analyze, this is worth quoting:

“Che-Val partners with TEAM HOPE to raise awareness and funds for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease via music. Every Single purchase of “Don’t Give up on Me,” will be forwarded to Team Hope and the National Parkinson Foundation. You can buy/stream the single on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more!”

So with that in mind, buying a song that is both enjoyable and for a good cause is always a win-win! The song itself is actually melodious and passionate. The acoustic background puts emphasis on the vocals and talent of the singer. The high notes are worth noting and make it an excellent and entertaining listen.

The song is a bit short, ending at only 2:15. However, the hook is catchy and and the song itself features incredible lyricism. The transition into the hook is a bit rushed, ultimately supporting my desire for the song to be longer. Don’t Give Up On Me is a very great follow up (and perhaps even better) to My Beat and is definitely worth listening to.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10 (again). The length is the only real issue for me, but I like the song a lot and have it saved for listening in my favorites playlist. You can check out the song below and download it online to help out. Props to Che-Val for dedicated their song and investment into such an incredible cause, glad to say the song is just as great!

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Che-Val, My Beat

Che-Val are a husband/wife music duo who I found through my Twitter. Both are from Connecticut and specialize in alternative-pop. I always appreciate being sent new music in my DMs, but this was definitely a pleasant surprise and I really did enjoy the track.

My Beat is a cross between modern pop and 80’s/early 90’s pop-rock. The Guitarist/Singer duo is a similar set-up to popular pop couple Karmin, though I can hear a unique difference in her voice from Amy’s. My Beat is the group’s first official song and is leaves an excellent first impression.

The song is a bit more Pop-y than I usually post, but the throwback style (especially in the much-talked about Saxophone solo) almost sounds like an 80’s Madonna song taken out of time. I love that this song could literally be loved by anyone, young or old.

Overall, I would have to rate the song 9.5/10. Something about the silence after “This is my beat” feels a bit empty, but that is literally my only complaint. I personally can not wait to hear more! Especially when this is the only song, I think these two are seriously going places. You, meanwhile, can watch the video and subscribe to their YouTube channel here:

-Austin Heath