Throwback Thursday – Chaka Khan, Through The Fire

Generally most people I know have heard of Chaka Khan’s hit Through The Fire either through the popular song itself or from Kanye West’s sampling on his Through The Wire. Sadly the song has a much greater legacy than being sampled by Yeezy.

Chaka Khan’s voice was always so passionate yet calm and soothing, and the typical 80’s sound of Through The Fire never really stood out like it can on other throwback hits. I have always found this song timeless and it came close to cracking my Top 50.

If there was a better, more modern quality to the song, it could be one of my favorites right now. The vocals always just sounded muffled out to me, which was disappointing for such an incredible song. I always found the guitar emphasis a bit uncalled for but brief enough not to really affect the song’s score.

Chaka Khan’s voice at the end of the song is probably her greatest musical feat. The range and lengths that she reaches have always stood the test of time to me. This song has some incredible points to it and is one of my favorite throwback songs. I think it would be hard not to enjoy it even hearing it for the first time today.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. Obviously this is biased as I have heard this song for years and have become accustomed to its sound, but it hardly matters much. No matter what the song is still a legacy and Kanye West proved that. You can give the classic a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Dat hair doe.