Music Recommendation – Single – Carl Barât and The Jackals, Glory Days

I know little about Carl Barât and/or his jackals, but I did recently encounter Glory Days due to its new music video. From that news I also learned that this group is new (though Carl Barât is somewhat of a music veteran) and will be releasing their debut album Let It Reign on February 16, 2015. The song itself provides a preview, and it is guitar-heavy and loud, pertaining to the Rock genre. The song’s general focus in on the instrumentals, but the vocals add to the effect of the track.

The vocals, however, are still a little rough, unfortunately. Right away the song begins with a high volume, which can blow your eardrums out, and the voice of Carl Barât is drowned out by the background music. However, the quality improves and the instruments carry the song throughout while keeping a healthy balance.

Overall, I would rate the song at 7.75/10. It’s loud and would be a solid listen to any Rock fan, but it has some big flaws that some listeners may not be able to look past. Still a good song, though I can see lesser appeal value than most modern Rock tracks, which seem to try to be likable by anyone. Go ahead and give the song a listen below, and see what you think:

-Austin Heath