Throwback Thursday – Bruce Springsteen, “Badlands”

badlandsA slightly underappreciated and overlooked Bruce Springsteen song is the 1978 single off of Darkness On The Edge Of Town “Badlands”. I took to Wikipedia for some fun trivia about this song, so take this right in your face: Bruce came up with the song title before any of the lyrics, the song hit #42 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and Rolling Stone Magazine rated “Badlands” to be Springsteen’s all time 2nd greatest song behind “Born To Run.” Suckerpunched right in the kisser with knowledge.

I am pressed for time to write, so I will keep the summary brief. It’s catchy progressive rock. Wikipedia helped me figure that one out. Overall, I would rate this fan favorite at:


Go ahead and enjoy the memories below:

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