Music Recommendation – Single – Owl City ft. Britt Nicole, You’re Not Alone

I just wrote about Owl City’s recent release, Tokyo, which was released shortly after this song I am recommending, You’re Not Alone. While I enjoy listening to Tokyo more than this song, I am thoroughly impressed in Adam Young’s message through the song.

The track explains that one is not alone during troubling times, and while I believe in God, you can interpret that as you would like. Either way it is refreshing in the usual break-up/sad song sound, which is often revengeful and spiteful. I also really like the pure vocals of both singers.

In the end, the song is a bit slow and does not appeal at first. The piano is smooth though and the beat picks up momentum after a few seconds in. Overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. I really like the message and sound of this one, and despite the slow start, Adam Young presents another great song with a(nother) excellent collaboration. Definitely check it out below, and expect good things from his next album:

-Austin Heath