Music Recommendation – Single – Brent Walsh, Free

This is my first encounter with Brent Walsh’s music, so try not to quote me too much on this brief bio. I do know that he is the lead singer for the band I The Mighty. The Warped-Tour famous group is based out of San Francisco, but Free shows off the unique singing talent of Walsh only. Sorry other bandmates whose names I did not look up, I’ll be giving your music together a listen later.

I really enjoy the mellow sound of the song, though I could see only listening to the track with one earphone in to be a real disappointment. So try to keep both in for this one to capture the full essence of the piano-filled track.

Overall, I do like the slow calming sound that shows the range of Brent Walsh’s voice, but when you make a low-key song you have to be consistent and try not to make the pitch sound like a duet between T-Pain and Ariana Grande. I can hear some incredible vocals from Walsh, but it can be a bit ruined by synth.

So in the end, I would rate the song at 9/10. I really enjoy Brent Walsh’s voice (though it is a bit Warped Tour-y, you know how all of those bands kind of blend together and every singer has a similar voice?). His album, 7, comes out next month. November 10th to be precise. So go ahead and see what you think of the song below:

-Austin Heath