Album Review – Brendan Ciccone, Brendan Ciccone (Self-Titled EP)

I was going to introduce this artist’s music as a whole, but I was really impressed by the quality of his self-titled EP. The 5-track project is features vocals only from him with plenty of Indie-acoustic and electric guitar instrumentals. His voice is put on display to admire as he reaches high and long notes throughout, especially in the hook of It’s You.

I shall now break down the album song-by-song to explain the EP:

1. It’s You – This is definitely the right track to start the EP with. At first everything sounds very acoustic and calm, but after the electric guitar solo bridge, it picks up until the very end. The transition is well but unexpected. I really like this song, probably my favorite of the five. 9.75/10

2. Don’t You Ever Go – The next track slows down a bit, and reminds you of a typical Indie love song. The ballad is lyrically sweet and the guitar adds to the mood. I love the idea of putting this one on a date-night playlist, as it is appealing to plenty. A bit repetitive despite being, but still a great listen. 9.5/10

3. Not Even Death – I really appreciate this song as it reminds me of Bastille, who I praised a few weeks ago for their sound. The verses sound a little rough between words, and the hook comes and goes before you realize it. I do like how the album picks up pace after the slower previous track, and the bridge is very enjoyable. It’s a solid, though short, track overall. 8.75/10

4. Words – The more reality-based Words is an explanation of Brendan’s side of a breakup. While it starts out a bit bland, the passion really comes out at the hook and afterwards. The pauses between lines in the second verse can feel a bit elongated and awkward. This is probably my least favorite of the five, but still a good slow breakup track. 8.25/10

5. Relief – The album ends with a 5-minute song with long notes on words every sentence. However, the instrumentals in the background combined with the hook give the sound serious resemblance to Coldplay. I love the alternative sound in this song and hope that it continues similarly again in his next works. 8.75/10

So overall, that averages out to a perfect 9/10. The songs are all very melodic tones and the first two start out very strong. I would keep an eye on his work for the next few months. I recommend at the very least listening to the first two tracks, and if you like those give the rest a hear below:

-Austin Heath