Artist Recommendation – Bread

Bread is a soft rock band from the 1960’s and 70’s. Their lead singer, David Gates, has a great voice and his songs with the group are classics. I know plenty of adults have heard Bread’s songs, but I think that these songs could also be favorites of this generation.

I like Bread a lot and have listened to their songs since I was an infant. However I figured it would clog the blog less if I put my personal favorites by them in one post. Bread was always considered “baby-making music” back in the day, but I never let that stop me. Their big break was when they released Make It With You in 1970, as it reached #1 on Billboard’s Top 100. No other song came close, but my favorites include Guitar ManEverything I Own, and their follow up to their first hit, It Don’t Matter to Me.

Bread’s music is soft and smooth, growing up on it has made me open to enjoy soft rock. Overall I would rate their music at 8.5/10. Always felt like Gates dominated the music, and some of their songs are very similar and repetitive. However their songs are good classics and still relevant in my opinion. Give my favorites a listen below, and you can research on your own if you’d like:

-Austin Heath