Artist Recommendation – Brandyn Kaine

Brandyn-KaineWhen hearing Brandyn Kaine’s music for the first time, I found myself almost immediately comparing his sound to twenty one pilots. The singer/songwriter/rapper/producer/entrepreneur/super-artist is able to create a variety of different designs to music and write relevant and complex verses without needing to be a duo. His singing skills are even almost caught up with his Hip-Hop expertise.

While residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Kaine finds the chance to work on his upcoming debut album Nashville after a number of mixtapes while being CEO of his own music collective, Varce City. Despite only being a few months older than me, this dude makes my success look like a kindergarten drawing with crayon marks outside the lines compared to his Mona Lisa. I have not even written about how impressive his own solo music is yet.

Among Kaine’s discography are Carpe Diem, his first collection of music, which released on September 5, 2014. This was followed up with his EP Trade, capping off the year 2014 with an end-of-the-year release. Despite being a producer himself, Brandyn Kaine has worked with plenty of experienced producers to make hits such as “Terrible” with iNControl, “Struggle” with Malik On The Beat (No, not Zayn), “Gone” featuring a verse by RyM and produced by JAYSILL, and more hits. Of these, my favorite has to be “Gone” and I recommend that song the most.

Overall, I would rate Brandyn Kaine’s music at:


Brandyn is still only 18 years old, so his voice may still be developing. Another key factor is that this artist has only just begun within the last year and made major strides in the music industry. His voice is edited just right in each song and this gives him the ability to do anything with his voice, despite a higher tone from his pure vocals (Then again, that never stopped a younger Eminem, did it?). Production is always professional and his features are not overbearing but can make some of his songs even better. Brandyn Kaine’s new album Nashville will drop on March 23, so save the date.

You can get more from Brandyn Kaine through his official website here. I recommend at least checking out my favorite songs listed above in the link below, as well as giving his Trade and Carpe Diem tapes listens:

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