Throwback Thursday – Brandy and Monica, The Boy Is Mine

The_Boy_Is_MineBack before the whole “side-hoe” thing was actually a thing, The Boy Is Mine was the women’s Same Girl; It empowered women who were cheated on and combined both efforts to get back at the cheating man. I am a dude and this song empowers the crap out of me. Of course, this song would be followed up over a decade later by one of my all-time favorites, It All Belongs To Me.

I love Brandy’s music now, and though this was not the first Brandy track I had ever heard, it did influence my interest in her music. The way she has branched out into EDM/Dance has been remarkable and worth noting. Monica’s voice has a unique sound to it, but does not beat Brandy’s vocals in my honest opinion.

This young vocalists sound lovely on this mellow RnB hit, and create a great example of the excellence that was late 90’s RnB/Soul. If I had to rate it now, I would give it a 9.25/10. The vocal range is still a bit rough and choppy due to the still-growing voices of both singers. The harmony on the hook is still my favorite part though.

You can relive the 90’s glory and enter a time of Spice Girls, shameful outfits and big-ass phones below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Mystery Skulls ft. Nile Rogers and Brandy, Number 1

It is no secret that I can be a bit biased towards certain RnB artists. So I have to admit, when I saw Brandy on the new track by Mystery Skulls, I felt a need to hear it right away. It did take a couple of listens, but this song has some serious appeal.

Brandy is the singer on the hook, so we can clear that up. While the repeating of “number one” may sound a bit too much like Ariana Grande for my tastes, Brandy’s voice sounds lovely and the song is incredibly catchy. I must say that normally I lean more towards liking the hook of a song, but I love the retro style the song presents.

Overall, I would rate the song about a 9.25/10. The song is catchy but still keeps a retro RnB vibe that I am always a sucker for. I recommend giving it a chance below:

-Austin Heath

Favorites Friday – Brandy, Right Here (Departed)

I have been criticized by assh – I mean, perfectly opinionated people, that my articles are basically a glorified description saying “This song is awesome except it’s not” and using 100 more words than I need to. I shall attempt to do so in this next installment of Favorites Friday, except I will leave out the “not awesome” part.

My favorites posts will be very biased, but in the end I will rate them neutrally. Brandy’s hit Right Here (Departed) is one of those songs that I discovered after it was a big hit, making me a reverse-hipster. Regardless, the Writing Camp’s work on the song goes along with the “angelic protection” that they hit big on with Beyonce’s Halo. In the end, I always found this song more inspirational and less couple love-based than Beyonce’s 2008 hit.

Right Here (Departed) is just one of those songs that I cannot get myself to say anything bad about. In the end, my only slight complaint is that Brandy’s voice is just a bit too edited and synthesized on the hook and bridge despite her having true singing talent. I consider Brandy an RnB Queen at this point, which was evident in her BET reunion the other day (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google will be your Right Here (Departed) to find it).

Well, there I did it again, I could have just summarized this song as “awesome” or “good” or in this song’s case, “excellent.” But I have a lot of good to say for a song that has always given me newfound inspiration whenever I hear it. So in the end, I will rate it at a 9.75/10. Oh so close to a 10, but I have always been disappointed in the lack of love for Brandy’s pure voice in parts of the track.

Regardless, if you are in need of some life through music, give the song a listen. And obviously if you have yet to hear Brandy’s biggest hit (for great reason), listen/watch below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Monica and Brandy, It All Belongs To Me

I remember when this song came out in 2011 and it was my jam. Seriously, I listened to this everyday for months. Well after hearing it again recently I’m hooked. This break-up track is one of my favorite songs again, and I’ll tell you why.

I have always loved the sound of Brandy’s voice, and this song only showcases it better. Monica also sounds pretty incredible, but the both of them together make such an amazing RnB sound that I consider this a legendary collaboration. While the beat is subtle, it adds to the RnB effect that these queens bring.

In the end, I really love Brandy in this song, and while Monica sounds great too, it feels as though they are trying to dominate each other by the end of the song. The vocals could just use some better coordination is all, but that is mainly only after the first two minutes.

Even though it seems a bit competitive, I love the sound of their singing almost against each other at times, as they both have elegant voices. Brandy on the bridge is probably my favorite part though, but both really bring an incredible part to the track. For example, while I like Brandy’s parts better, I don’t think the song would be the same without Monica, and vice-versa.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. I have an extreme fondness for this track and it lands in my all-time favorites. I seriously recommend a listen if you have not already heard it. I apologize for sharing a rather well-known song, but it does deserve some extra spotlight:

-Austin Heath