Music Recommendation – Single – Steve Aoki and Afrojack ft. Bonnie McKee, Afroki

Not really sure who’s track this is, but both Afrojack and Steve Aoki mix a track with vocal assistance by Bonnie Mckee. The song runs a high pace throughout and, though often dominated by the beat, is exciting and entertaining.

The song is kind of motivational, but not much content to the lyrics. The focus is generally aimed at the works of Aoki and Afrojack, though Bonnie McKee’s part is highly underrated to me.

The American Girl singer gets a little scream-y in her attempts to keep ahead of the beat but she does an excellent job and making this song great. If you like EDM this will be an appealing track.

Overall, I would rate the song at about 9/10. Good song with an exciting change of tone and beat often and solid vocals. I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath