Artist Recommendation – Blitz

Blitz is an up-and-coming Canadian rapper. I found his music through Twitter, and I was rather impressed by his flow. Despite only having three songs (one of which is a freestyle), the songs are professional-level. For example, his most recent track, What’s Up, reminds me of Wiz Khalifa’s It’s Nothin.

Even though he is a rapper, his hooks are catchy and any Hip-Hop fan would appreciate them. My personal favorite of the three is The Zone, but I recommend listening to each.

It is hard to compare his music to anyone, but his sound kind of reminds me of Machine Gun Kelly. Again, do not hold me to that one, as his rap is pretty original. Also, he makes ice hockey references in his verses sometimes, so he’s good on my list!

Overall, I would have to rate Blitz’s work at about 9.5/10. I am thoroughly impressed with his work and will be seriously following him for more. At times the songs can get just slightly too repetitive, but it isn’t enough to really notice a difference. I would not be surprised if his music catches on soon. I seriously think any Hip-Hop/Rap fan will enjoy his music, so go ahead and give it a listen:

-Austin Heath