Artist Recommendation – Tes Swanks

tes-swanksWell, I am back. I gave myself a week, and my first inclination to write was about RnB up-and-comer Toni Swanks, otherwise known as Tes Swanks. Swanks’ presentation as an artist strikes immediate comparisons to Tinashe’s style, especially vocally. Her sound is soulful but catchy, much similar to that sound Beyonce.

The music of Swanks shows great instrumental influence and she finds a way to balance her voice with the beat. The effects production add to her voice are presented well, especially when high notes comes so natural to her.

My favorite songs come from her lone debut album, Heart Stringz. These include “Under The Influence”, “Won’t Turn Down”, and her first recorded song, “Who Am I”. Her music is perfect for any RnB fan and I highly recommend it.

Overall, I would rate her music at:


You can give her music a listen by checking out her bio on by clicking here:

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Hear It First – Beyonce, “Crazy In Love” (50 Shades Of Grey Remix)

beyonce-2While I opposed the movie 50 Shades Of Grey’s release before, it had never personally insulted me until today. This movie is responsible for doing this. It managed to take an actually enjoyable #1 hit song, and force it to be slowed down by production who could not find a microphone, so used a seven-year old cell phone to record the track on. The entire change is way over-sexualized and just feels like something that should have been thrown out after hearing the end result.

The song is not necessarily horrible, it just manages to start a new legacy for a song that had already solidified its foundation as one of 2000’s best #1 songs. Go ahead and see what you think by following the link over to Perez Hilton’s site (I profoundly apologize that you have to go there for this):
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Hear It First – Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce, Feelin’ Myself

nicki-minaj-beyonceIt is rare for Beyonce to be featured on the hook of a song, though not as rare, it seems, as me writing a “hear it first” on Nicki Minaj. I don’t necessarily hate her music, but I turned 15 years old a long time ago. Regardless, I feel this song would be worth sharing for its popularity value alone. Also, Hit-Boy (who has been virtually unnoticed this year) produced the Pinkprint track.

Expect the beat to sound UFO-y (if you can figure out what that means) and while Nicki Minaj’s verses are solid, they are hardly focused. Beyonce’s hook is repetitive, until she breaks into her own verse. The sung bridge is chaotic, yet probably the best part of the track. There are a couple of simply annoying pieces towards the end of the song, but people still liked Anaconda. The song is easy to remember after hearing the chorus a couple of times, so I can see a potential for massive appeal.

You can go ahead and hear the song first below:

-Austin Heath

Hear It First – Beyoncé, 7/11; Ring Off

box-setBeyoncé is releasing a box set with a couple of new songs, among them being 7/11 and Ring Off. I have only heard snippets of each, but wanted to share them with listeners anyways. 7/11 has a more Hip-Hop tone to it, while Ring Off gives us the smooth RnB that I enjoy most.

You can check out both over at

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Boots ft. Beyonce, Dreams

When writers and producers decide to make their own music, they usually have an extra head-start with the knowledge already of how to make a hit song. Boots, a famous producer who contributed hugely to Beyonce’s fifth album, brings in Bey to make a beautiful track called Dreams.

The soothing sound features edited sound from Boots and pure vocals from Beyonce, who really steals the show. This song does not get much attention and I think it should really be bumped. The love song is very calming and enjoyable.

Overall, I would rate it 9/10 as per my complaints above and that it is just a bit too slow and does not pick up much pace like you would expect. It is definitely worth a listen and quite a good song, listen below:

-Austin Heath