Music Recommendation – Single – BBC Music, God Only Knows

Though I am about a week late for this one, BBC Music released a cover of God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to this one, except that the song is covered by 29 different artists ranging from Coldplay’s Chris Martin to One Direction to Lorde to even Stevie Wonder! There are so many huge names in this one, and each one sounds incredible.

Not much to say other than this is a classic converted into a historic video. BBC simply amazes me with this ingenious idea. If I had to pick a favorite 5-second piece, it would definitely be Stevie Wonder’s.

There is no part of me that finds this imperfect. That’s why I am rating it 10/10. A modern cover full of amazing voices, what more could you ask for? The song itself is not my favorite but it is truly a unique idea.

See how many artists you recognize below, then read the list of associated acts being over at Now enjoy the listening and be amazed like myself:

-Austin Heath