Music Recommendation – Single – Avicii, The Days

While this has had a couple million listens already, I wanted to bring this song to the attention of anyone who has not heard it. The track is quite catchy and Avicii’s work on the beat is rather interesting. Sounds similar to a David Guetta track, and not so much like the normal Avicii sound.

The song is made to be a catchy upbeat love song. It achieves its goal and, though the hook seems to say the same thing a couple of times, it is easy to memorize and sing after a couple of listens. The bridge is impressive, showcasing Avicii’s own skills without taking too much time away from the vocals.

While this is a typical pop/EDM song, it is one of the better releases and if a song were to go big soon, I would hope that this is it. Overall I would rate the song 9.25/10. I recommend a listen below, it’s hard not to like it:

-Austin Heath

EDIT: Just learned that the singer in the song is Robbie Williams, for anyone who was wondering.