This Is Hard For Me To Say…

Misleading title is misleading. No, I’m not quitting writing (despite my lack of activity the last few days). I am going to open up a bit here, so if you would rather just skip to good music, keep scrolling (or hit the random button). Either way, here it goes.

The last half-year or so has been tough. Being able to write about music was a way that helped me cope, and as things have gotten better in my life (not exactly amazing, but I am not nearly as low as I was months back), the urge to write has become lesser and lesser. Doing anything I really enjoy anymore just feels like a chore, and the pressure that comes with writing about music and scoring it right just comes a stress rather than pleasure.

I knew if I gave myself a few days away from this, I would begin to miss it. And I have, so writing will begin again tomorrow. However, I don’t know if my productivity will ever get as far as it did in November of last year. Otherwise, plans are still moving forward. Thank you for putting up with my craziness, and look forward to great new music from AMP!

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