Music Recommendation – SIngle – AC/DC, Rock Or Bust

ACDCI am going all reverse hipster today and asking you to listen to a once-famous Rock band after their fame. AC/DC is now more famous for their bandmates’ own headlines than their music itself, but the title track for their next album Rock Or Bust is definitely worth sharing.

The Australian Rock group’s new song premiered today, and while their first single Play Ball was hardly worth mentioning, this song has some serious appeal. It returns to the classic-rock sound while staying modern and interesting. The song is loud and the vocals are drowned out a bit, though the emphasis is mostly on the instrumental.

I could hardly get any lyrics out of this, which would be my biggest complaint. However, overall I would rate it at 9.25/10. Stereogum tells it best when they say “Rock Or Bust” is not one of those new songs where you’ll want to get up and find a bathroom when they play it live.”

You can check out the song below and see what you think of AC/DC’s return into music:

-Austin Heath