About AMP

This blog is designed to help readers find new music quickly and easily. Everyone is busy and rarely does somebody have the time to find music they thoroughly enjoy unless they have a few hours to kill. This site will help any music fan find songs they will like, no matter what genre is preferred and how popular the music is.

AMP has loads of features along with recommendations and previews of songs when they release. I try to cover every type of music and as many new songs as possible, but am not as informed in certain genres, so if anyone has a recommendation for a song leave it in a reply below.

About Me

My name is Austin, I am currently 17 years old and reside in the very northeastern part of Maryland. I am currently homeschooled but will be moving on to college in Fall of 2015.

I have loved music since I can remember, but my interest in modern music started around the time I was 13 years old. I have developed a taste for music in which I love to share my own findings and hear what others have to show me. While I hear a lot of music, there are many songs and artists I have yet to even hear a single note from. My goal is to know music better than I ever possibly could and be considered an important figure in understanding and critiquing music (both popular and underappreciated).

I currently am a news writer for Infectious Magazine, as well as a guest writer for Muzic Notez. On the non-music end of the internet, I am a longtime member and customer of Clouts’n’Chara, as well as one of their sports bloggers. Also, I am an administrator after five years for Brickimedia. Lastly, my hobbies include building with LEGO, collecting, trading, and selling sports cards, and playing hockey for Rising Sun Tigers.

Here is an image of myself with my girlfriend of three years to date:



I also would really appreciate a vote below:

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