Favorites Friday – Future, “Turn On The Lights”

HaFutureve you ever had a song that you liked, but knew it was terrible and hid any acknowledgement of existence from others while you failed to pinpoint why it appealed to you as much as it did? Meet my candidate for that ever-so-specific category, Future’s “Turn On The Lights”. Any Future song, really, makes me question the quality of my choices in music recommendations. However, “Turn On The Lights” ended up being one of my favorite songs for two months and almost made the cut for the Top 50.

I do not expect you to like this song, or even tolerate it for more than 30 seconds, but somehow I found it to be incredibly easy to pick up and repeat. The rap verses are so vague lyrically just mumbling felt like knowing the lyrics. The hook and chorus always had the most style and was crafted well. Mike Will Made It was big in 2013, and his beat definitely tunes out the vocals a bit to make the song a bit more tolerable.

I will not waste time writing too much about “Turn On The Lights” as about 90% of the readers of this article will hate it. However, I found it catchy and it made me believe in my own singing skills when singing along to it. Overall, I would rate it at:


Go ahead and check it out below (or not) and hear one of my all-time favorite songs (somehow, I don’t know how or why but the song just makes me happy to hear):

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator of Austin’s Music Picks

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