Music Recommendation – Single – Trey Songz, “Slow Motion”

Trey Songz returned from his (begin sarcasm) amaaaaaazing (end sarcasm) album release Trigga last year with a new song this week titled “Slow Motion”. I have been bringing listeners loads of new music and was a bit conflicted on whether or not to present this track, but here it is for your viewing ears.

trey-songz-2Once upon a time, Trey Songz was my favorite artist and his music was like a rich and flowery meadow during the springtime. Then winter came and everything died; Except, winter was Trigga and everything was my soul. After so many standout songs, whether popular or underrated, I was extremely disappointed by the release after struggling through the entire album. So does “Slow Motion” do the trick and make everything better in my books?

Well, the song is trademark Trey Songz. It is sensual and has an easy chorus as it tries its hardest to stay exclusively RnB/Soul. The lyrics are not a highlight and some repeating phrases/pitch changes are a bit awkward, but otherwise the song is a step in the right direction. While you can only say “I like women” a certain amount of ways, Trey Songz continues to reiterate the fact and does a much better job on his first single for a brand new album, of whose details we are not aware yet. The beat works with the song well enough, and everything feels like old times with Trey.

So overall, I would rate the song at:


While this may just be a band-aid over a gaping wound, “Slow Motion” patches things up as best as it can. I am not in love with the song, but I am satisfied enough to recommend a listen. You can hear the new song below:

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator of Austin’s Music Picks

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