Music Recommendation – Single – Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora, “Doing It”

charli-xcx-rita-oraI have been covering Charlie XCX a lot recently as she released music previewing her sophomore album Sucker, but these were only “Hear It First” articles. You guys know my policy towards those and how I usually feel about them (impartial). However, Doing It (Please no dirty jokes, just listen to the song) might be the first Charli XCX song that I really enjoy listening to, as well as the first by Rita Ora in a long while. The song has a classic 80’s synth feel similar to Madonna but stays modern like Bastille, or more accurately, HAIM.

Either I am going soft or Pop music has put its best foot forward so far in 2015. So fact alert: this track technically belongs to Charli, whose voice I prefer hearing throughout. Rita Ora just sounds a bit like she is forcing herself to sound outstanding and above Charlie XCX, who relies on her own natural and original voice and flows well with the beat. The two singers take turns in their own stanzas, then team up to finish off the bridge before the last chorus.

I can go through endless comparisons as to whose sound this song resembles, which is really great; However, it also means that the song has a bit of an unoriginal nature. It just feels like something that I have heard before, though clearly I have not, simply because it compares to so many previous songs and artists’ tones. While I enjoy it a lot, I am afraid it may not stick with me for more than a couple of weeks judging by how songs of this vice last.

Regardless, I love the direction these two artists are going with Doing It. Nope, still feel weird typing that out. Overall, I would rate this new release at:


This song is a huge movement for Charli XCX and she found an excellent addition by adding Rita Ora. I would expect this song to be rather big in the coming couple of weeks, so I recommend hearing it first and checking it out for listening pleasure below:

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator of Austin’s Music Picks

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