Music Recommendation – Single – Wiz Khalifa ft. Ty Dolla $ign, “Refresh/Say No More”

wiz-khalifa-ty-dollaYou liked these two together on their hit Or Nah, so two of the biggest faces of Taylor Gang came back together to give you 8:40 more of their music. However, Wiz Khalifa sounds more like his prime form and Ty Dolla $ign manages to carry much of the song. Throughout, it is slow while lengthy but manages to resemble one of my all-time favorite songs, Remember You.

The song starts with Khalifa rapping about the same ole same ole, behind a rather ominous but fitting beat. I would wait until Ty Dolla $ign jumps in before fully judging this song, however. His voice makes the song a bit more interesting, though he makes me feel like an old man trying to hear what he is whispering on the chorus.

Overall, I would rate the song/songs/noise for eight and a half minutes at:


This project is very slow-paced, which is not necessarily bad, but has a problem fitting into a time length and keeping the listener paying attention. The Say No More section is way better, but both are enjoyable. I would have loved hearing The Weeknd on this track, but then again I do not know a song that I wouldn’t enjoy hearing The Weeknd add his voice to. Somehow this article transformed into praising The Weeknd, but then again no one ever said that they wouldn’t prefer a meal without dessert.

So go ahead and give the song a listen below. I highly recommend that if you will listen to it, play it in full or don’t play it at all. Hear it in full and pretty much first below:

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator of Austin’s Music Picks

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