Music Recommendation – Single – Kiki Rowe, “Demolition”

kikirowe2Only a couple of months after her self-titled debut album released (and was reviewed by AMP here), the rising RnB singer is back with another distorted-voiced love song. Solid production finds an excellent balance behind the entrancing voice of Rowe. Demolition starts out the path to a sophomore album right and offers listeners an insight into Kiki Rowe’s sound before, what I believe is on the horizon, her big break.

Kiki Rowe has already worked with important names in the music industry, including the hit-maker DJ Mustard on Trust Issues. I have always used The Weeknd comparisons to Kiki Rowe, but Demolition is a bit more unique this time around. Her voice and production give her the perfect sense of originality while striking a slight resemblance to give first-time listeners something to compare with.

Demolition is a bit over-mechanized at times, but for the most-part, production went quite well. The song keeps a steady pace on a long chorus, but can be entertaining to any RnB listener due to all the stops that the voice of Kiki Rowe pulls out to impress listeners.

I have big hopes that Kiki Rowe ranges her music a bit more to appeal to a wider demographic than just the RnB/Soul fan. Alternative fans might find love for Rowe’s music, but currently it feels a bit too focused on one brand. This is, however, coming from somebody who claims RnB to be a favorite genre, so basically the same as a baker talking about an overpopulation of cupcakes in a bakery; we don’t really mind it one bit! So this is more professional opinion than criticism.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


The song is a huge return for Kiki Rowe and reminds me of Go Getta quite a bit in its potential. I recommend a listen below:

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator of Austin’s Music Picks

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