Hear It First – B.o.B ft. JaqueBeatz and T.I., “Graduation Camp”

bobI was a bit conflicted on whether or not to write about the ever-falling-off B.o.B’s new song Graduation Camp, but I figured a catchy hook was enough to give it a mention. B.o.B brings on some Atlanta (well, Jaque is from Georgia, but I don’t know a damn thing about the state except for oranges and Atlanta) friends to make his follow-up to his Trey Songz-assisted disappointme – erm, song Not For Long.

The song is decent, and T.I.’s verse is one of his better spits in the bucket in a while. Production is also solid and finds the right amount of balance, making me glad to see JaqueBeatz’s presence on the track.

However I am worried about where B.o.B’s career is going the way he has been sounding lately. All I can say is I miss his music from Strange Clouds. Never understood why I liked it so much though, always just felt like easy listening. Regardless, you can hear Graduation Camp first below after enjoying my rambling by going over to HotNewHipHop.com:


Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator of Austin’s Music Picks


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