Music Recommendation – Single – Twista ft. Tech N9ne, “Crisis”

twistaWant one of those Rap songs that you cannot keep up with? Then Crisis is perfect for you. Tech N9ne starts with a hard verse and transitions into a chorus that is the opposite of easy to remember. Twista’s verse is just as fast and just does not seem to stop. If I could sum up this song in one word, it is skjghiahdfsiosrguigh.

The beat stands out in a bad way at times, and can overcome the already insane verses by Tech N9ne and Twista. These two partner up well together, as proven before, and create a crazy Hip-Hop storm. The song is recent, on Twista’s Dark Horse album but has a classic feel from both artists.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


This song spits some insane lyrics, whose words and message are rather hard to get out of the song. If you like insane and up-beat Rap, this might make you squirm in excitement. You can check out the song and its music video below:

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator at Austin’s Music Picks

Home-schooled High School Senior out of Maryland, frequent writer/blogger and user of sarcasm, and lover of all things music.

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