Favorites Friday – T-Pain ft. Chris Brown, “Best Love Song”

t-painI am going to level with you guys: I get very excited to write about my favorite songs; Like, a bit too excited. I spend hours deciding which one of my classics to hand pick for readers. I felt like Best Love Song deserves a write-up most for two reasons: 1. It just barely missed my Top 50 this year. And 2. It is amazing.

T-Pain’s music is an acquired taste, I have always said that. I never liked cheesecake as a kid, but now I will shove it down my cheesecake-hole (I renamed it as “pie-hole” hardly fits someone who does not care for pie). T-Pain’s sound never did it for me until this last year, and now I find his music incredibly artistic and a fun example of upbeat Hip-Hop.

I have plenty of T-Pain music to write about in the near future, but Best Love Song is close to my favorite by the Pain of Tallahassee because it is loud and fun while not being overbearing and features a balance of T-Pain’s autotune and Chris Brown’s, well, less autotune. 5 O’Clock might beat it out, only because of its influence over my taste in music while I enjoy Best Love Song for what it offers as a song. That includes lyrics and its bass-hugging beat following the vocals. And then Can’t Believe It comes as a very close third.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


I have heard catchier tracks by T-Pain (and especially Chris Brown) but something about this song makes it so fun. Vocals are a bit overdone for Chris Brown, and the lyricism is certainly not the best, but all I can say is that I would love to hear this song on a non-autotune session by TP.

Go ahead and check out the song below and look forward to more coming T-Pain music soon:

Austin Heath: Head Writer & Site Administrator at Austin’s Music Picks

Home-schooled High School Senior out of Maryland, frequent writer/blogger and user of sarcasm, and lover of all things music.

3 thoughts on “Favorites Friday – T-Pain ft. Chris Brown, “Best Love Song”

  1. Have you seen T-Pain’s Tiny Desk Concert? I’m not really a fan of his over-processed autotuning, but I grew more respect for him after seeing him perform acoustically. His lyrics are still a bit silly in the concert, but I was captivated. Definitely worth the view.


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