Artist Recommendation – Foxcat

foxcatFoxcat are a Nebraska-based band with a knack for Folk-Rock. The group calls Lincoln home, and cites influences such as Green Day, Jack White, Tallest Man On Earth, and more. The short songs make great country radio play and have a natural sound to them that showcases the talents on vocals and instruments (especially guitar).

The group is definitely an independent band worth checking out if in Lincoln, Nebraska. The music usually has a moderate tempo but distorted instrumentals and unique vocals. My favorites by the band are Dead End, You Tell Me, and You Shoulda Stayed Here.

Overall, I would rate the band’s music at:


The vocals are just a bit rough on high notes, but their appeal is in the coarse Folk-Rock feel to it. The instrumentals and production feels a bit basic at times, but in other songs (Especially my three listed above) their sound is complex and entrancing.

I recommend at least giving these three favorites a listen, or if you want to hear more, you can stream their debut album Roughshod on Foxcat’s official SoundCloud below.

-Austin Heath

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