Music Recommendation – Single – Anakin Artz, “OP”

anakin-artzThe Force is strong with this one. Master Skywalker, or known by his rap alias as Anakin Artz, is an artist whose music I have only just encountered in OP, and establishes a solid first impression. The song title stands for “Original Player” and Artz lets listeners know who the original player really is. Do you think it’s you?

Well, you’re wrong. It’s him. The song focuses heavily on a sung chorus while giving brief periods for the rather subpar verses. The rhymes can get a bit cheap and repetitive, but I would hardly call it bad Rap. Anakin Artz’s flow is really the most worrysome aspect, but the hook is soft and resembles the panty-wetting sound (not for me, just assuming) of Trey Songz.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


The song is nothing to be afraid of losing out on, but it has a catchy chorus and easy-to-pick-up lyrics that could be fun to recite. The song does not scream complex and unorthodox but it has a sound that is easy to listen to (that some may consider cheap, but I can appreciate it).

Go ahead and check out the song below:

-Austin Heath

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