Music Recommendation – Single – Abrina ft. Eric Bellinger, Actin Up

abrinaI had trouble trying to categorize this songs sound, especially when you add the trending Pop-like Saxophone beat. Despite this aspect of the song sticking out throughout like a sore thumb (actually, more like a missing thumb), the Mila-J-esque vibe of Abrina’s music and tone is entertaining and enjoyable to hear.

Eric Bellinger is more and more looking like the next Chris Brown everyday. However, he skips all of the bull that was Graffiti. His verse on this song really makes it worth listening to, and solidifies its RnB position (though it is a solid blend of Hip-Hop/RnB). Abrina has found some notable features on her tracks before, but this might be my favorite to date.

The biggest annoyance is just the general dominance of the jazz beat, which while appealing to plenty of listeners, should not drown out the vocals.The saxophone does not just dunk the vocals in the pool though, no, it lets them come up for a couple of seconds in part Eric Bellinger’s verse, then jumps off the edge of the pool and finishes off the poor unsuspecting singing voices of Abrina. Regardless, overall I would rate the song as a whole at:


The vocals are all very solid and the upbeat tempo of the douche-hating Actin Up is fun to listen to. You can go ahead and check out the song below:

-Austin Heath


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