Favorites Friday – Drake, Best I Ever Had

DrakeMy caption for the image to my left? “When your girls’ ex’s keep messaging you saying they gonna find you.” Because Drake is stealing all the women, you better hide yo kids (if they are above 18, of course), and hide yo wife (if she’s above 18, of course).

To my macho man friends, I act like I enjoy hearing Drake rap better than his singing. Unfortunately, my love for Drake’s vocal potential will never be manly enough for anyone. Best I Ever Had does not have to a closet favorite of mine, like Take Care does (oops!), but it always showed off Drake’s best singing voice.

The transition from song into rap into song was always so smooth and the beat kept it interesting throughout. Everything about this song is so catchy and appealing to any listener. Best I Ever Had was not my first Drake song, though, nay; Find Your Love blared before a championship hockey game (which I now realize was a rather bland option for a pre-game pump-up song, but it’s whatever now), and Best I Ever Had came about 2 years after that.

The chorus still disappoints me to this day, mostly because the censored version ends up being better (though I do not care much for the censored version of the song in full very much). That would be my biggest complaint, as per most listeners.

Overall, I would rate this favorite of mine at:


Another slight thing that always bothered me was the fact that Drake’s singing voice was clearly at its best in the first part of the hook, so why not continue that through more of the song? I just hate how one part of the song played three times is the most satisfying part when I want it to be the whole track. The Hip-Hop aspect is not necessarily bad, but the song could be better (without being too much like Find Your Love, which is good but does not have the easy-to-love sound of Best I Ever Had).

So yeah, that was me rambling. Go ahead and check out one of my all-time favorites below (Dirty version, sorry):

-Austin Heath


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