Artist Recommendation – Pigeon Park

Pigeon-ParkBeing honest, I cannot remember where I first found Pigeon Park. Regardless, their Rock-based sound is enjoyable and seriously worth sharing. The Vancouver-based group grew up together and formed their own brand of non-formulaic Rock (sorry, stole that phrase from the biography on Pigeon Park’s website, which you can view here).

When each member shares influences such as Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Funkadelic and The Raconteurs, there is definitely opportunity. The band formed in 2008 and has created its own original sound that has turned into two albums. Out of their music, the songs I would recommend most are Black Widow, Come Down Slow and Feel The Rain. Their Rock-and-Roll sound is great for pump-up music before sports events or motivation.

When I heard Rock music, I used to do that head-bob thing with my long hair, but since I have cut it I kind of have to find my own trademark “listening to cool music but you can’t hear it because I am wearing headphones” look. Someone should give a recently short-haired fellow a bit of advice on how to do so in the comments below.

Overall, I would rate Pigeon Park’s sound at:


Their original hard-rock-like sound is great, though some songs tend to appear a bit too similar. The lyricism also comes off as a bit sloppy in a couple of songs, though that is hardly the focus of Rock music. Regardless, at the very least my favorites are worth a listen. I will leave those below and you can find more on Pigeon Park’s YouTube channel here.

Go ahead and check out the best songs by Pigeon Park:

-Austin Heath

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