Music Recommendation – Single – Tyler Carter, Georgia

Tyler-CarterI am one of the tiny minority who seems to enjoy Tyler Carter’s solo work more than his songs with Issues. Georgia is part of a new EP Carter is releasing on his own soon. I am hyped for that, especially after how much I loved Side To Side (read that old article here).

While I may not like this song as much as Side To Side due to its general over-Pop-iness, I do find this an enjoyable song. The hook is very catchy, and the vocal editing may be a bit much, but it is still fun to hear. I see a lot of hate for this song, and I hardly think it deserves that. The song is a catchy Pop-like tune, and some repetitive lyrics in verses may or may not find their way in your head as you try to do actual productive work to help society.

Honestly, the screaming (not Metal screaming, just yelling) on the last hook drives me a bit crazy. That drops the appeal quite a bit. Overall, I would rate the new song at:


It is basically Issue’s Mad At Myself, but without the metalcore part. I would never call Tyler Carter’s solo music (for the most part) Metal though. Anyways, you can hear the song and watch the music video below:

-Austin Heath

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