Artist Recommendation – Troye Sivan

trxyeTroye Sivan may have a bit more acclaim, but I only heard his music for the first time today. His sound reminds me of Mystery Skulls (except a bit less exciting), who I have raved about before. His sound is much more diverse, however, making his experimentation in his music intriguing and risky. These kinds of risks are regardless very noble and his ventures in EDM as an Indie artist are quite remarkable.

The South-African singer is also a rather famous YouTuber, known for his videos with Tyler Oakley. I’m going to end this paragraph there so you can cover this bit of text up if you would rather not know about his association with everyone’s favorite Tumblr icon.

There is obvious talent in Troye Sivan’s music, and his debut EP TRXYE is currently out. Out of all of his songs, my favorites are Happy Little Pill (his most popular track to date), Touch (my #1 pick of the three) and Fun. Gasoline and Fault In Our Stars are slower but still beautiful love ballads. I recommend at least listening to my three favorites, but if you get the chance you should listen to the whole project. Each song has a unique tune and is quite entertaining to listen to.

So if I were to rate the artist’s sound, I would give it a:


The ever-changing music that Sivan performs is quite enjoyable, and while some of these ventures can be risky due to lack of appeal, obviously he hit the right spot with Happy Little Pill. You can listen to my three favorites below, but I recommend checking out the other two named above if you want to hear some slower and deeper love songs.

Go ahead and check out my favorites on TRXYE:

-Austin Heath

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