Music Recommendation – Single – J. Cole, Apparently

j-coleI have only heard a couple of songs off J. Cole’s new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, but this is definitely my favorite so far. The song is complex and features both sung and rapped vocals by Coleworld. It is deep and emotional, but also has that aura of tough Hip-Hop that J. Cole is great at balancing.

J. Cole reminds me of Eminem in his lyricism and balance, but seems to have a better grip on his morals and finds success in speaking complete truth about his life. Everything he says feels so raw and straight from his mouth. As you get deeper into the song, it becomes tougher and more like the stereo-type Hip-Hop sound most people listen for.

This song’s appeal is how entertaining it is throughout and, while there is a chorus that catches on, the song’s pace and sound switches up in a convincing way that makes it stand out from other Rap music. In a year of such awful Hip-Hop music, J. Cole definitely provides some warmth while Rap fans freeze their balls off.

Overall, I would rate this track at:


I wish I could give it a perfect 10, I really do, but the voice cracks on the intro and slighly less meaningful lyricism as the song begins to cap knock it down a bit. Otherwise, this is a truly remarkable Hip-Hop/Rap song. I want to hear J. Cole’s new album in full, which does feature Apparently on it. In the meantime, you can hear the song and watch its music video below:

-Austin Heath


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