Music Recommendation – Single – Childish Gambino, 3005

Childish-GambinoI had a few minutes to write an extra article today, and I thought, “Why not write about a more popular song from a favorite artist?” When I say favorite artist, I generally mean actor; However, I am usually impressed with Childish Gambino’s lyrical skills as well. 3005 is perhaps his best example of this solid lyricism, not to mention the incredibly catchy hook.

In case you have yet to hear it, the song begins with the hook and breaks into the first verse after this brief intro. Usually this pulls listeners in right away, but Gambino goes straight into his verse quick and makes it hard to keep up. Some of the lines are a bit empty and feel like fillers, but as the first verse ends, this begins to transition into a more meaningful song.

So there you have it, my biggest complaint. Expect fast bars and a hook that gives you a minute to catch up. If you like 3005, you might enjoy Heartbeat, which was my first Childish Gambino song that I heard back in 2012. So overall, I would rate this song at:


I consider this some of Gambino’s best work, and it has been a gateway drug for many new fans. Childish Gambino may not be the greatest rapper of all time, and his sound is still developing a bit, but this is definitely a good song to start with if you have yet to hear it or anything by Donald Glover.

You can stream the song and watch its corresponding music video below:

-Austin Heath

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