Music Recommendation – Single – Waka Flocka Flame, Fire Squad (Remix)

waka-flocka-flameThe “remix” of Fire Squad by the guy famous for hiring a blunt-roller (benefits and everything) is actually not half bad. I have been partial towards a couple of Flocka songs, but this is definitely his strongest verse. The flow is solid and and whole piece stays on focus and feels personal.

Taking a song by J. Cole and attempting to make it better is usually near impossible, but Waka Flocka Flame puts a tough spin on the already dope beat and makes this a mean verse. I am a big J. Cole fanboy, so to take one of his beats and put your own taste onto it can be dangerous. However, despite being quiet for a while, Flocka came back strong.

The “remix” is hardly that, and features no real hook. If something to go back to had been included, I might find this song a bit more appealing. The verse is still his best though, and its over two and a half minutes straight. So overall, I would rate it at:


Flocka still needs a blunt-roller by the way, as he states so at the end of the track. This verse is rather impressive, and while a hook is not really needed, it could have added some extra appeal and made this a perfect Hip-Hop track. This is gangster without being overly-intimidating and unrelateable.

You can stream the Fire Squad “flocmix” below:

-Austin Heath

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