Music Recommendation – Multiple – Ne-Yo, Coming With You; Religious

ne-yoGuys, besides the facts that the sky is blue, water is wet and obvious facts are obvious, I like Ne-Yo’s music. I like both of these songs enough to write nice lengthy articles on each, but instead I will just briefly break them down below so you can hear them sooner. This is a first with a multiple recommendation, though it is only because of their same-day release. So let’s look at each:

1. Come With You – Of the two singles, this is definitely the more “Pop-y” song. Between the trumpets, upbeat tempo, and EDM-like beat, the song could appeal to plenty of different listeners. I do enjoy the song, but it feels so forced in its creation as simply to be liked, that it is hard to truly appreciate it. That being said, the song ends on a great note and blends RnB and Pop nicely without being too overbearing of one or the other. So I would rate this one at:


2. Religious – Song numero dos is way more Soul-influenced, which is refreshing. I do enjoy Religious better than its predecessor, but that is only because I find this particular genre more interesting than Pop. The mellow love song hardly makes sense, but in a gentlemanly sort of way, Ne-Yo is saying he wants to worship dat ass. The hook is rather repetitive, but the stanzas and the harmonies and horns that correspond with them are pieced together to perfection. So I would rate this one at:


That averages out to a bit below 9/10 for both of them, but obviously that hardly matters. These two new releases are great adds to the preview of Non-Fiction, whose tracklisting and cover art have already been revealed (check out that article on here). My biggest fear is that the album’s general direction will be more Pop than RnB/Soul, but only time will tell. There are a few Hip-Hop options in there, and I was quite impressed with She Knows, so anything could happen. I mean, it’s Ne-Yo, it will probably impress me anyways.

So go ahead and stream both new songs below:

-Austin Heath


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