Music Recommendation – Single – D’Angelo, Sugah Daddy

d'angeloHot off the press is D’Angelo’s first new song in ages. This Jazz-y RnB track is a change-up from what we’re used to and is quite compelling. While the title might instantly turn away viewers, any Jazz fan should find this track quite enjoyable. RnB lovers could be proud of D’Angelo’s first return in over a decade as well.

The words are a bit hard to get, mostly because the horns and piano smother the vocals with a Tempur-pedic pillow. Otherwise D’Angelo’s return is intriguing and a bit different from what we are used to in RnB or even modern Jazz.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


D’Angelo may need to find his flow again when it comes to vocals, but otherwise the track is an enjoyable piece and features a smooth rise. At 5:02 the song is a bit long, but I won’t complain about that too much. I cannot say the song is appealing to every listener, as it can only truly be valued by those who devulge in this genre (which I do not, so hard to judge Sugah Daddy). You can stream the song by following the link to HotNewHipHop below:

-Austin Heath

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