Hear It First – Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce, Feelin’ Myself

nicki-minaj-beyonceIt is rare for Beyonce to be featured on the hook of a song, though not as rare, it seems, as me writing a “hear it first” on Nicki Minaj. I don’t necessarily hate her music, but I turned 15 years old a long time ago. Regardless, I feel this song would be worth sharing for its popularity value alone. Also, Hit-Boy (who has been virtually unnoticed this year) produced the Pinkprint track.

Expect the beat to sound UFO-y (if you can figure out what that means) and while Nicki Minaj’s verses are solid, they are hardly focused. Beyonce’s hook is repetitive, until she breaks into her own verse. The sung bridge is chaotic, yet probably the best part of the track. There are a couple of simply annoying pieces towards the end of the song, but people still liked Anaconda. The song is easy to remember after hearing the chorus a couple of times, so I can see a potential for massive appeal.

You can go ahead and hear the song first below:

-Austin Heath

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