Hear It First – Rae Sremmurd ft. Nicki Minaj and Young Thug, Throw Sum Mo

throw-somI will not comment on how wrong the song’s title is (Oh Hip-Hop), but regardless three of our favorite rappers (well, technically four) have brought us another song. In all honesty, I do not find it terrible, and in fact might feature one of the better verses of Young Thug’s career. The sound can come off a bit rough, but at least the vocals of Rae Sremmurd aren’t cracking like a sidewalk built in the 1950’s.

I heard rumors that this song’s beat, which comes to us from Soundz, Sway Lee & Slim Jimmy, was a bit of a rip-off (though I have yet to figure out what song). I find it original and intriguing, so props on that. The heavy bass carries the hook well and is subtle while keeping up with the general “strip-club” tone.

Don’t forget to purchase the upcoming albums for Rae Sremmurd and Nicki Minaj! Okay, all jokes aside, I posted this as I see the potential for appeal in this new hit. So you can follow the link and hear the song first below if you please:


-Austin Heath

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