Music Recommendation – Single – Jade de LaFleur ft. Ro James, 405

jade-roNothing makes me feel more hipster than using the word “underground” in a music article. Underground artists Jade de LaFleur and 405‘s counterpart Ro James perform a sensual and elegant duet together. Meanwhile Jamie Helms on production is just awkwardly sitting in the middle of the song’s lovebirds.

These two have sung together before, but the uniqueness of the faded guitar and drums alongside the RnB-esque sound of LaFleur and James makes this song all its own. The chaos of the track can be slightly overwhelming, but the song ensures that you are surrounded with music while listening. I cannot get much lyrically from the hook, but mumbling it is still plenty fun.

While their original work together (which I will also leave below in case of curiosity) Blue Notes & Green Trees was enjoyable, it did not embody the entertaining and entrancing sound of 405. The upbeat sequel just feels more listen-worthy, despite being a bit difficult to pick up.

Overall, I would rate the song 405 at 7.75/10. The chaos definitely wears the song’s value down a bit, and roughness on the vocals of Ro James can appear after a couple of listens; But otherwise 405 is enjoyable ear-candy that I recommend taking the time to listen to, especially for the magnificent voice of LaFleur. You can check out both songs below, and if you enjoy these you may like Jade de Lafleur’s Jaded EP. See what you think:

-Austin Heath

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