Music Recommendation – Single – Audio Push ft. Wale, Quick Fast

quick-fastI have talked about my appreciation for Audio Push before, but in all honesty until now my favorite song by the Hip-Hop/Rap group was Shine. During a time when Hip-Hop was not reaching me, this song brought me back in. Then I discovered their new hit with Wale, Quick Fast, and guess what my new favorite Hip-Hop/Rap song is?

Quick Fast seems to hint at what the song’s subject could be. However, it is less vulgar than I assumed. It is more relaxed and takes a risk by leaning more towards RnB on the hook than Hip-Hop, which I can easily appreciate. Each rap verse brings its own appeal, and even with Wale’s role adding to the enjoyment of the song, it is not necessarily the only reason to listen to the track. It did, however, lure me in when I gazed at this feature, so kudos to Audio Push for picking a solid feature artist.

Audio Push has worked with rappers such as Lil Wayne before, but I was rather excited to hear Wale alongside these two differing and original rappers. Production was also a huge piece of this song, with names such as Hit-Boy and Preach assisting S-Dot and $.O.N. on the beat.

This song achieves an easy hook and makes it catchy as can be, so I do recommend listening to it. Overall, I would rate the song at:


The verses may have their weak spots, especially how each one seems to start off slow. I would say the first verse is the best, but the second verse and Wale’s brief spot are both also impressive. Flow is a smooth as a baby’s bottom after the first couple of tough strides into each verse.

You can go over to and check out the track until I can get a better link:

-Austin Heath

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