Music Recommendation – Single – OMFG, Hello

alex-savageI was incredibly conflicted on this song when I first heard it. was the site where I discovered this track, and their take on it colored them impressed. I tend to trust this site’s writers when it comes to EDM, as I still know very little on the genre. After a couple of listens, I understand the fever that this track provides and how impressive it is that this is Alex Savage’s first public song (according to her SoundCloud account).

I want to keep an eye on the Canadian DJ, but it seems I am not alone. The song has gotten over 50,000 plays in less than two weeks since airing. The general opinion seems to lean more towards enjoyment, but I have seen skeptics of the track. I can recognize that the beat can be generally repetitive, and while it is collected, it has an effect that concerns me. I fear that perhaps the upcoming works of this artist will have a similar sound and lack originality. Here’s to hoping I am proved wrong.

I noticed I like songs that I can repeat the noises back later while doing mundane chores and annoying those around me by singing the entire track to a tee. To me, this is a perfect gateway EDM track for any non-EDM fan, and while I may appreciate plenty of Electronic music, this definitely lures me in to listen to more. It almost represents an opening up of the genre to a new audience, with its revolutionary sound.

I have rambled plenty already, so what do I think of the song? Well, I cannot get it out of my head if that answers your question. In essence, I do enjoy the song. I hope it does not wear off in a couple of days like many repetitive EDM songs have, as this is a dangerous experiment in songs that often require a boost mid-song to stay entertaining (hence why Dubstep is so popular).

So overall, I would rate the song at 9.25/10. I can see this not appealing to plenty of listeners, and already have. However, I can admit to loving it and wanting to hear more from Alex Savage. My recommendation is going in not putting expectations too high so as to over hype the song. That almost was the downfall of it for me, but after a couple of listens I could appreciate the sound for what it was: an artist’s introduction. More will follow and I hope criticism and positive feedback are something that Savage builds on.

You can stream the song via Savage’s SoundCloud below:

-Austin Heath

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