Throwback Thursday – Eagles

Eagles_greatest_vol_2Wow, I sure did love The Eagles. Then again, who didn’t? Their music has been ageless, particularly their hit Hotel California. Of course I love that track, but I thought I would rank my top 3 by this group.

Normally I do not set up a Throwback Thursday post with more than one song, but I could not decide which of my favorite three by this Rock group to write about. I decided on posting all three in order of favorites and why, similar to an album review. So let’s break them down track-by-track:

3. I Can’t Tell You Why – This was my first Eagles song, at least that I remember. I have my mother to thank for this one, and it has always been one of those songs I love to hear sometimes for no reason. Always an excellent soft-rock hit. 9.25/10

2. Hotel California – Yes, chock me up in the unoriginal fans of Hotel California, which is an incredible song, might I add. Great lyricism, fast pace and features a healthy balance of sound. But of course you probably knew that, for it is still a classic. 9.75/10

1. New Kid In Town – I consider this the best Eagles song, but that may be due to some bias. I felt a lot of emotional connection to this song a few years back, and it has always stood out for helping me through emotional turmoil. The song is absolutely my favorite and definitely perfection of soft-rock. 10/10

I cannot really average out the sound of this group, but I can recommend a trip back down Memory Lane by hearing some of their old hits. This band is a staple in musical history and has always been one of my favorite Rock groups.

You can check out the songs I listed below:

-Austin Heath

One thought on “Throwback Thursday – Eagles

  1. The very sort of person who criticises “Hotel California” because its the popular song every knows is the sort of person I’d ignore. But then again, that song is the main reason I own the album of the same name. Still, if memory serves, and it usually does, its not a bad album at all (It also has “Life on the Fast Lane” and “New Kid in Town”) on. I do like “New Kid in Town” though. It just feels nice.

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