Music Recommendation – Single – PVRIS, Eyelids (The Empty Room Sessions)

pvrisPVRIS performed Eyelids in an Empty Room Sessions video, and it is quite stellar. I enjoy listening to it more than the original, if I am being honest. I liked PVRIS’ debut album White Noise quite a bit, in fact enough to review it here, so it should come as no surprise that I am writing about the group. However, this song is truly worth noting.

The song is chilling and ominous, containing an echo that sounds like it is performed in, you guessed it, an empty room. I saw a comment on the song that stated an apparent auto-tune. Not only did I not notice it at first, but when I did notice a bit of editing over the vocals (which is very little), it only adds to the effect of the song. Kudos to production for keeping this song tight and mostly pure.

The song is really an excellent listen, but feels a bit drawn out at five minutes. The mellow sound of this track is absolutely compelling and rather hard to stop listening to. Overall, I would rate it at 9.5/10. You can watch the video and hear the performance below:

-Austin Heath

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