Favorites Friday – The Game ft. Ne-Yo, Camera Phone

camera-phoneThis song felt like something that bordered on a “Music Recommendation” article but was deserving enough to have a “Favorites Friday” post. I do not believe I would go as far to say it places in my all-time favorites, but Game raps some real verses and Ne-Yo slays each different chorus with a smooth RnB sound.

There was a time when Game was in my Top 5 rappers, but he dropped seriously after the last few years in Hip-Hop alone. This song shows his talent and what listeners miss from the rapper. The flow is consistent throughout, and the short lines are pulled off well despite how quick he drops them. Ne-Yo, meanwhile, does everything I usually want Ne-Yo to do in music: gives the song a smooth RnB twist while keeping it modern and enjoyable for most listeners.

I am tired and distraught from outside circumstances, so satire and wit are not really up my alley tonight. But hey, here’s a good one: The song is about “camera phones,” which are basically all modern phones. Go ahead and laugh at that, as it will be the only decent joke you get tonight. Actually, your life is rather dull if that is the funniest thing you hear on a Friday night.

Now that I wasted a paragraph on that, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. The lyrics are hard to keep up with, and while the whole “ladies talking” thing may not sound appealing, the rhyming and flow of the request makes it actually sound like a viable part of the song. Otherwise the song is definitely worth a listen or re-listen. Go ahead and enjoy the song below:

-Austin Heath


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