Throwback Thursday – Brandy and Monica, The Boy Is Mine

The_Boy_Is_MineBack before the whole “side-hoe” thing was actually a thing, The Boy Is Mine was the women’s Same Girl; It empowered women who were cheated on and combined both efforts to get back at the cheating man. I am a dude and this song empowers the crap out of me. Of course, this song would be followed up over a decade later by one of my all-time favorites, It All Belongs To Me.

I love Brandy’s music now, and though this was not the first Brandy track I had ever heard, it did influence my interest in her music. The way she has branched out into EDM/Dance has been remarkable and worth noting. Monica’s voice has a unique sound to it, but does not beat Brandy’s vocals in my honest opinion.

This young vocalists sound lovely on this mellow RnB hit, and create a great example of the excellence that was late 90’s RnB/Soul. If I had to rate it now, I would give it a 9.25/10. The vocal range is still a bit rough and choppy due to the still-growing voices of both singers. The harmony on the hook is still my favorite part though.

You can relive the 90’s glory and enter a time of Spice Girls, shameful outfits and big-ass phones below:

-Austin Heath


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