Music Recommendation – Single – Ty Dolla $ign ft. IamSu, Lies And Dreams

ty-dollaThis one is a Samsung Owner’s Hub exclusive, so it would be hard to catch this song. However, I discovered in on and thought it was worth sharing. Ty Dolla $ign shows his actually impressive vocal range (and even more impressive autotune skills) while IamSu raps a solid verse, though the flow is a bit cringeworthy at spots.

“In the morning, first thing I do is roll up, then I think of you.” Then he gets stopped in Iowa. And go ahead and guess what they find on him. Regardless, the song is catchy and features a steady beat that does not interfere with the Ty Dolla $ign’s vocal quality.

The fade-out is slow and smooth, and really ends the song on a good note. I appreciate the smaller things in the song as a whole, such as the enlongated notes and long fade-out. Overall, I would rate it at 8.5/10. I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath

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