Music Recommendation – Single – Kelly Rowland, Mommy’s Little Baby (A Lullaby)

Kelly Rowland has not only just given birth to son Titan Jewel, but released a song dedicated to him just over a week after childbirth. The song is created to be a lullaby and love song between mother and child. Originally this was to be a “Hear It First” but I figured it deserved more of a song recommendation-esque article.

The concept and passion in the writing and execution is rare yet inspiring. There is not much to say about the song other than that it is touching and heartfelt. The RnB vibe to the music is also enjoyable to me.

Overall, I would rate it at 9.25/10. It’s a slow love ballad, and some of you like that. Others do not. Vocals begin a little late, especially for its short length, but I only say these things because I want to hear more. I hate critiquing and rating a song like this due to its raw emotion and love. It is not made so much for listening (well obviously somewhat, otherwise it would not be released) but it is an expression of a mother to her child. I find that beautiful, and even wish it was longer than two and a half minutes.

You can check it out below and I guess technically hear it first:

-Austin Heath


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